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Beginning with the 2023 November general election, the Lexington County Republican Party will entertain endorsing nonpartisan candidates for office who demonstrated the values of the Republican Party Platform through their record and also those seeking office who share those same values.

Candidates endorsed by the LCRP will receive a statement of support sent to all media and our own social media as well as further resources to support the campaign.

Those candidates running for nonpartisan offices within Lexington County who would like to undergo the endorsement process should express their interest by emailing


*There may or may not be a filing fee for each of these offices. Please contact the

Lexington County Registration and Elections Office at 803-785-8361 to find out more.

*All candidates must be a registered voter within the boundaries of the municipality (and district)

where they are running for office. All filing for candidates within Lexington County will take place at

the Lexington County Registration and Elections Office.

*You can locate your voter registration information and your residential eligibility at by following the link below.

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