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The Lexington County Republican Party (LCRP) believes in grassroots activism that supports the Republican Platform. From dogcatcher to president, our principles of conservative constitutionalism hold. As a party, we use all mechanisms we have to expand freedom whether it be procedurally, through endorsements, attending government meetings and everything else on the table.


Components of the LCRP

The County Republican Party is formed as a county wide organization of all voting precincts of the county of Lexington.  The county precincts' operation of county wide business is conducted by the county executive committee as ordained in South Carolina statutory law and SC GOP Rules.

All precinct level activities may be managed by each precinct individually. 

The Lexington County Republican Party also has committees listed below.  (PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Giving a Speech

Executive Committee

The county executive committee, per SCGOP Rule 5, is formed by the committeemen of each county precinct elected every two years.  Rule 5(d)1 establishes that "The precincts in each county shall be held together and operated under the control of a County Executive Committee, which shall consist of one (1) committeeman from each precinct elected by the precinct."

Meeting Room

Steering Committee

The steering committee functions as

Team Meeting

County Committees

The Executive Committee has the following subcommittees to help get work down for you.  You can apply for membership or chairmanship of committees appointed by the Executive Committee by having your Precinct Committeeman request it in an EC Meeting.  If your EC does not make that request, you can lobby the ECs from other precincts or contact the chairwoman for appointment.

Take Back Lexington Committee

Budget, Finance and Audit Committee

Credentialling, Rules, and Resolutions Committee

Right to Life Committee

Committee of Discipline

Hospitality Committee

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