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Audience and Lecturer

Official Meetings
of the Lexington County Republican Party

County Wide Meetings

The Official LCRP meets monthly on the first Monday night at 6:15 PM except on holidays then on the second Monday night of the month.  Make sure to check LCRP Facebook regularly, to confirm monthly location. You can also email and ask:)
Thank you

Upcoming Executive Committee Meetings
     March 4th, 6:15 PM
     April 1st, 6:15 PM
     May 6th, 6:15 PM

District Meetings

Eastern Meeting
Western Meeting
Central A Meeting

Central B Meeting

Northern Meeting
 Southern Meeting

Grow Your Precinct, Grow Our Party

All precincts are welcome to notify the LCRP chair or LCRP webmaster of their precinct meeting schedule to this page.

Precinct & Greater Meetings

September Executive Committee Meeting
     September 11th 6:30 PM at Lexington Chamber of Commerce 

Past Meetings held
Executive Committee
Regular Monthly Meeting, June 5th Lex CofC
Regular Monthly Meeting, July 10th Lex CofC
Special Meeting, August 3rd 
Special Meeting, August 7th
Regular Monthly Meeting September 11th Lex CofC

Steering Committee
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