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Our Work

The Republican Party Executive Committee elected this year at Lexington Reorganization has been hard at work advancing the party platform locally and at state level.  You can see from the resolutions below that our focus on holding your elected Republicans to the platform and encouraging them to push our platform as law are being turned into action.  We are getting it done for you and the people of Lexington County.

LCRP bodily autonomy.png

May Meeting

Medical Freedom Resolution

Passed medical freedom and bodily autonomy resolution against forced vaccination.  Passed unanimously.  Adopted by the SCGOP Resolution Committee.

June Meeting

Resolution to Censure

Katrina Shealy, state senator, was censured for her opposition to the SCGOP Pro-Life stance. Passed unanimously. Zoe Warren and Preston Baines co-Authored this resolution. Will Allen presented it to the body.


July Meeting

Resolution to Censure

Censure of Lexington School Board Chair, Rebekah Blackburn Hines, for refusal to combat CRT in Lexington-Richland 5. Passed unanimously. Preston Baines authored this resolution and it was his request to censure Rebecca.

July Meeting

Resolution to Honor 

Susan Horton was honored for her service at River Bluff Highschool as an educator.  Passed unanimously.



October Meeting

Resolution Against Digital Currency

Resolution Regarding U.S. Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC)
Whereas CBDC is a digital currency issued by a country’s central bank, and are
programmable, unique, and allow for surveillance of transactions, savings, and
Whereas the implementation of a CBDC by the U.S Federal Reserve could allow
them to function as a retail bank, allow indefinite tracking of user financial
transactions, and allow the collection of personally identifiable user information
vulnerable to leaks or hacking;
Whereas the Biden Administration released a plan for regulating digital assets to
include the development of CBDC for the United States in September 2022;
Whereas CBDC is likely to have a negative impact on commercial banking;
Whereas financial freedom and privacy are highly valued in our free society;
Whereas CBDC may be used to control and restrict user financial transactions,
including discrimination against individuals; and
Whereas CBDC may negatively impact the continued development of the digital
economy; now, therefore, be it
Resolved, that the Lexington County Republican Party:
1. urges the State of South Carolina and the US Congress to pass legislation
a. prohibit the Federal Reserve from issuing a CBDC directly to
individual consumers;
b. prevent the Federal Reserve from using a CBDC to control monetary
policy and the economy in the U.S and specifically in SC.;
c. require the Federal Reserve’s CBDC projects to be transparent to
the public and the Congress;

2. urges individuals to resist the use of CBDC with its risk of government
financial surveillance and control, and to fight for individual financial privacy
and security by supporting legislation to preserve these rights;
3. urges individuals to continue using private sector commercial banking
services; and
4. urges individuals and U.S. government bodies to support continued
innovation related to the digital economy.
Lexington County Republican Party of South Carolina, Executive Committee passed unanimously on 10/2/23.

Pamela Godwin,
LCRP Chairwoman

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